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MinorMania Membership

MinorMania Annual Memberships start from £200 for the first child.

An annual membership costs just £200 for the first child. Any additional siblings will be an Extra £110 per child.

You can pay for your membership by paying the full amount outright or by setting up a standing order. A standing order is £16.99 per month for 1 child and any additional children will be an extra £8.99 per child per month.

If you opt for paying monthly the membership must run continually for 12 months. If the standing order is cancelled before the 12 months is finished you will be liable to pay for the rest of months for the year. There is no limit to the amount of times you can visit on the membership and each membership allows 2 adults per child.

If you would like to set this up please either follow the link below to purchase through our booking site or speak with a member of our team at reception whilst you are visiting. 

Please note if purchasing through our booking site you will then need to go back and book a session on the correct time & date under a member. Purchasing a membership does not book you onto any sessions.